About the Book: 

Creative Strength Training: Prompts, Exercises and Personal Stories for Encouraging Artistic Genius

“Unleash brand new avenues of creativity.”

Jane Dunnewold outlines a step by step strategy for overcoming artistic inertia.  Her approach will resonate with anyone who has ever been stymied in their attempt to be original and creative.  She guides the reader on a journey of self-discovery by encouraging journaling of past experiences including an individual's work process and personal passions. In essence, Dunnewold helps reveal the core of her reader's creative spirit.  This newfound self-awareness and confidence is sure to unleash brand new avenues of creativity for those who read this important new work.   

 - Maureen Hendricks, owner of Gateway Canyons Resort, home of Alegre Quilt Retreat

“A way to discover ourselves."

Into a world of bookshelves lined with self-help guides to overhauling ourselves, Jane Dunnewold gives us, instead, a way to discover ourselves. Creative Strength Training is a gift to the artist just starting out, and a powerful resource for those of us who feel like we may have grown stale. In that wise and gentle voice I’ve heard her use so often with me, Jane replaces our fears -- that we are not really creative, not really good enough – with the happy confidence that, in fact, we are creative. We are more than good enough.

 - Mary Fisher, Artist and AIDS Activist

Jane Dunnewold’s approach to the creative process is as refreshing as it is realistic - building stamina means making your art a priority. This method feels at once personal and prolific - a must-have for anyone looking to push their boundaries and further their practice.

 - Joe Pitcher, founder textileartist.org


The Online Curriculum 

I felt I was having a private lesson.”

Jane, I am totally impressed by the quality of this course. I wasn't sure about signing on for an online art class, but since you were sponsoring it, I knew it would be fabulous and...I was right! The videos were so well edited - I felt I was having a private lesson with you. It was extremely helpful that you responded so quickly to emailed questions and comments on samples that we posted. Overall, a wonderful experience! Thanks!

— Chris Stitcher, A New Approach to Color

“The concepts are like ripples.”

I find the concepts and interpretations initiated by Jane are like ripples generated by dropping a stone into a calm body of water. Circular waves propagate outward in the first few seconds, but with each obstacle or asymmetry in the water's edge, reflective waves build a unique design as complex and individual as each of us internalizing the ideas Jane presents.

— Cat Larrea, Creative Strength Training


“I LOVE this class!!!”

I am writing to tell you that I have read through Lesson Three and viewed the videos and...I LOVE this class!!! I am learning so much and I really love the information, attitude and perspective - just everything! Thank you so much for your help.

— Linda O'Toole, Composition I: Your Visual Language

“Very thoroughly planned and developed.”

I just wanted to email you a private thank you for such a stimulating course. I found it "chock-a-block full" and very thoroughly planned and developed. Your essays were insightful, direct and to the point. They encouraged me to think and write...rather than moving straight into default "indecision and panic".

I wan't expecting a course that had so much thought and 'self' behind it. The online site is excellent and stimulating and straight forward to use. And Zenna has been, without fail, calm, helpful and efficient. I give her a big thank you too.

— June H., Creative Strength Training