A Four-Part Video Series,

Finding Creativity in Unexpected Places.


"CST has helped me re-evaluate– as an ongoing process rather than in response to a wake up call. The past ten months have brought a stillness and deeper, genuine confidence - new for me. For these things I am so appreciative. I can be quiet without stress - something not possible a few short years ago.

Most of all, I am forever grateful for the space and forum to consider my life in depth, decide to follow my dream in a field outside of "art" but one which requires every ounce of energy, passion and creativity I possess. I know in my heart none of it would have happened without the inner transformation that is part of CST."

- Ali G., 2017 CST Participant

I was honored to speak with Amy Climer for on podcast, The Deliberate Creative.

Listen to the full interview here!

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