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Our new online Creative Strength Training course is founded in the belief that creativity is available to everyone. 

Strengthening creative skills—from working with your hands to expanding your thoughts—leads to a greater sense of self, purpose and joy that’s life-changing. 

Learn to analyze clearly, think deeply, engage playfully with art materials and animate the part of you that wants to have more fun—and be your most authentic self in the process. You may even sleep better. Your relationships with other people will undoubtedly improve. 

Here are our core beliefs:

  • Creativity is not only available to creatives. It is a human and innate ability. 
  • Creativity is an essential tool that makes navigating the modern world more rewarding and fun.
  • Community is an important component of creative living. 
  • You’re worth it. You deserve to be here.

We are committed to offering a serious, playful, transformative ten-month program with many opportunities for growth and discussion. Seek the strength, creativity and compassion that is already at the core of who you are. And do it in an atmosphere of support and enthusiasm. 

We sat down to answer some frequently asked questions:

• How much time will I need to set aside to participate?
• What will I get at the end of the ten months?
• I have no art background. Can I participate?
• Can I participate solely on an iPad?

Why not make CST a group event?

Each month we will explore a key component of living a creative life.



The ten-month course fee is $165.

We are committed to making this course affordable for anyone who wants to join us.

  • Join with a friend (or two or three) and each of you will save 10%.
  • If you’ve taken the previous version of the CST online course use the code CST2017 for a reduced price of $135. 
  • We have scholarships available. If you would benefit from taking the course, but funds are tight, please write to Jane at dunnewoldj@janedunnewold.com.
  • We are also offering a payment plan. More details below.

Write to Zenna at zenna@janedunnewold.com for with questions regarding payment.

A note from Jane:

The focus of the original CST was artist-based.

Since I believe all living things evolve, translating the concepts of the original CST into a broader program for all people made perfect sense to me. 

So here's what we've done—morphed the ten-week program into a longer and broader version that will allow people to take their time, choose their level of participation, and do it for a really great price, and have some fun.

I am thrilled that Zenna will be collaborating with me on this project. We’ll both be writing and filming, which will bring the perspectives of two ages together. Even if you’ve taken my original CST course, I hope you’ll consider joining me again. The process of self-evolution is wide and deep—and there’s always more work to be done!

We are committed to offering a serious, playful transformative ten-month program with many opportunities for growth and discussion.

Seek the strength, creativity and compassion that is already at the core of who you are. And do it in an atmosphere of support and enthusiasm.

Together, all boats rise!


Jane Dunnewold is an artist who writes. Although her popular book, Creative Strength Training: Prompts, Exercises and Stories to Inspire Artistic Genius was written to help artists find deeper joy in creating, her strategies apply to anyone seeking a more creative and boldly authentic life. Jane lectures and leads workshops that honor and encourage our human desire to create. She has a degree in psychology and religious studies from Baldwin-Wallace University, and twenty-five years of hands-on training in surface design processes.

Zenna Duke is deeply interested in the world around her. She has a B.A. in Anthropology and History from the University of Texas in Austin and is a RYT-200 Yoga Instructor. Zenna worked in online media, editing and writing before joining her mother, Jane, full time as media coordinator in 2013. She feels most at home behind the camera, but is excited to join Jane in creating the new Creative Strength Training course and build relationships with this vibrant online community.