I am an artist, author and educator.


Each of us has an inner "creative."

Making things—whether it's cooking, painting a room, or dyeing cloth—is supremely satisfying. In the process of creating, we connect to every generation of makers before us and reach for the Divine at the same time. It's a gift and a pleasure everyone should experience! And can.


Classes & Workshops

Study with me at home in San Antonio, TX—or join me online for a variety of self-paced courses and year-long Creative Strength Training course.

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Tutorials and Lectures

We are building a YouTube channel with something for everyone. Lectures to inspire, tutorials to launch your next creative endeavor, and tips I've learned along the way!

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Build Your Toolset

We love developing products that expand your ability to create at home. Explore thermofaxes, soy wax crayons, and more.

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Creative Strength Training

Learn to analyze clearly, think deeply, engage playfully with art materials and animate the part of you that wants to have more fun—and be your most authentic self in the process. You may even sleep better. Your relationships with other people will undoubtedly improve. 


On writing as an assist to making.

"You contain all the inspiration you need to tell great stories through your art."


The Studio

In 2011, I purchased a historic farmhouse built in 1890. The downstairs of the house was renovated as a 900 square-foot studio designed with color studies, critique, writing, and meditation classes in mind.