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Creative Strength Training 2019

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Learn to analyze clearly, think deeply, engage playfully with art materials and animate the part of you that wants to have more fun—and be your most authentic self in the process. You may even sleep better. Your relationships with other people will undoubtedly improve.


Classes & Workshops

Study with me at home in San Antonio, TX—or join me online for a variety of self-paced workshops and the ten-month Creative Strength Training course.

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“Jane Dunnewold’s approach to the creative process is as refreshing as it is realistic—building stamina means making your art a priority.” 

- Joe Pitcher, founder

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On writing as an assist to making

"You contain all the inspiration you need to tell great stories through your art."


Artwork and Exhibitions

"Jane Dunnewold’s textiles fuse fine art and traditional quilting techniques, resulting in works rich with tradition and innovation. By layering dyed patterns and using different types of cloths from around the world, Dunnewold offers a sense of exoticism that is otherwise grounded in an inherently disciplined craft.”