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Living a creative life is an ongoing practice and one worth pursuing.

Gather your supplies and set the intention to cultivate and honor your Artist Within—and consider joining our Facebook group, where other artists like you share their own tips and experiences.

    Be Intentional About Your Space:

    Think about creating a personal altar in your studio, or designing a ritual for yourself if you don’t already have one. Use a candle or incense if it appeals. Assemble some objects that are significant to you. Add photographs or written text, if you have quotes that are appropriate.

    Light the candle when you enter your space and take a deep breath. Sit for one minute before beginning to allow yourself to settle.

    More Inspiration:

    Go through several old magazines and cut out pictures that appeal to you. (You can do this in advance and keep the pages in a box or folder.) To complete this exercise, choose three pages at random. Cut out elements from the photos and collage them together. What do you like about the pictures? Write about why you are drawn to the images.

    And Let’s Get Real:

    Clean up your space. Fill one bag with stuff you don’t use and/or don’t need and take it to the thrift store. Open up space for new ideas to enter in!

    Suggested Supplies:

    • paints
    • brushes
    • spreaders
    • skewers
    • sticks
    • found objects
    • paper
    • plexiglass 8” x 10” or smaller
    • glue stick 
    • scissors
    • exacto knife
    • cutting mat
    • spackling
    • paint chips
    • tape
    • ruler
    • newspaper
    • old books you don’t mind cutting up - and/or old maps
    • Glue gun
    • notebook
    • colored pencils and markers
    • India ink
    • buttons
    • embroidery threads
    • needles
    • felt
    • watercolor paper
    • latex or vinyl gloves
    • freezer paper
    • canvas
    • muslin
    • fusible web
    • timer
    • tracing paper
    • black and colored markers
    • charcoal sticks
    • kneadable eraser

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