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Kara B.

This lesson really resounded with me. I am good at and love traditional quilting - piecing by machine or hand. I’m specially drawn to English medallion quilts at the moment with all the detailed piecing in them. I’m at the point, however, that I don’t want to make some one else’s patterns and my quilting ability doesn’t match up with my piecing ability. I am also drawn to landscape and art quilts, but am not comfortable creating them. I have all kinds of ideas, but don’t feel like I have the skills to pull them off and want to develop and become comfortable creating landscape and/or art quilts. Before I started this class, I decided that I would try a new technique each month this year, explore color in hand-dying and continue to work on my quilting skills. So far, so good. I have a couple classes and a week long retreat planned for later this year to help explore different techniques. 

For my quilt that I have been critiquing, I give you my first art quilt. I started this in a class with Rob Appell almost two years ago. It was a liberating experience and was the first time I was willing to just try an idea. Nothing was set in stone and going into the class, I had absolutely no idea where I was going to go with this quilt.  I love many aspects of this quilt, the overall look, colors and what I have quilted so far, but it has been almost two years and I am still not finished. I haven’t figured out what to quilt outside the yellow and orange frame, I took out a bunch of quilting in the background, which improved it greatly, but mostly I want to do something else to break up the yellow and orange frame a bit more, but haven’t figured out what yet. I come back to it periodically and ponder different ideas, but nothing has struck me yet. 

Marika P.

Robin F.

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