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Michèle K.

I made a list of my skills ;
For what is connected to the threads : I have a good knowledge in : 

general sewing ( making clothes, accessories, toys etc, even if I use it less often now) sewingmachine work : free motion quilting, embroidery : I love that.
Hand work : embroidery ( I like the free embroidery), knitting : ok but not great fun, crochet : a bit less boring / free form crochet is more fun, you just make useless stuff

I would like to improve my work with transparency, fragile fabric, 3 D work and manipulation of fabric. 

For colors : I have a medium knowledge in dyeing, colouring, painting, waxing. It is attracting for me, and I am working to improve.
I am working as well to improve my drawing capacities ( starting at a low level !) 

For various others things : Medium knowledge in woodwork, photography and felting.
beginner level in pottery ( I love that )
Good at "cartonnage" ( I don' t know the word in English : making boxes and that type of stuff in cardboard)
Good at gardening. 

What I would like to learn : paper and book binding. 


Looking for perfection for me might be like installing a brake in my capacity of working ( and that is the last thing I need !) I don't mean that I am not trying to do my best every time, but at some stage I know that I can't ( don't want ?, don't know?) do better.
Perfection and ideal can't be reached. If it could, what to dream about afterwards? 


I am experimenting for the last weeks how much I like writing. I think I had forgotten that pleasure. (Well, I must confess that it is more a pleasure to write in French for me !)
Writing helps the toughts to become clearer. I like that sentence of Boileau : Ce qui se conçoit bien s'énonce clairement et les mots pour le dire arrivent aisément, which is something like " what is well conceived is said clearly and the words to say it come easily". Writing is helping me to think, remember, organise, estimate. And I need to write more. 

Analysis of a piece

I choose a piece that I like, made about two years ago.
Long ago, I saw there was a competition around the word "Enchevêtrement" ("tangle, jumble"). I didn't try to enter the competition, but I kept the word in my head.
One day, during a walk around home, I saw a ivy growing on an old windmill, it reminded me the thema of that exhibition .

I like that piece but I can't define its strength, I don't know where it is. I know that I had no plans when I started to make it, and I took a few months to make it, with lots of interruptions, because i didn't know where to go next.
When I look at it now, I don't see a beginning and a end in it, it is long and narrow, and it could go on like that, a long tunnel .For me that is a weakness. And it is probably due to the fact that I didn't worked before on the idea, on paper. 

It is a intuitive work, it has a special meaning for me and I still like it. For the people who see it, I am not sure I was able to make them guess the idea of "enchevêtrement ". I think I overdid it, and would be more significant with less knots and twists. 

Vernon S.

Maria S.

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