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Improvisational Screen Printing

90 pages, full color gallery representing the work of 30 artists

This 2002 self-published classic is the one book I have been asked to update over the past ten years. So here it is. Descriptions of a dozen surfaces, both permanent and impermanent, that can be used to print design elements using a standard wood or aluminum frame silk screen, which is available at any art supply. Processes include glue, wax, flour paste, water-based crayon, and thickened dye on the screen. Permanent processes include house paint, spray paint and the use of Thermofax screens. The book is loaded with tips and variations.

The appeal of these processes is their low-tech availability. Anyone can acquire a screen or two, read a chapter in this book, and get started immediately. The full color gallery inspires with works from more than 30 artists who have used these techniques successfully and have graciously shared their work

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Improvisational Screen Printing Collector's Edition — *PREORDER*

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Collector’s Edition: Improvisational Screen Printing book, plus hand printed samples of every process described in the book.  4” x 4” samples are printed on cotton and/or silk, using MX dyes & textile paints.

Limited availability.

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Inspired By The Masters

The fourteen works created for the exhibition Inspired by the Masters are complex combinations of rescued vintage needlework pieces, including needlepoint, quilt blocks, Crewel embroidery, and punch needlework. Vintage pieces are collaged with hand dyed and printed fabrics, many of which were created to match or mimic the patterns of the original needlework. Inspirations ranged from Matisse still life paintings, to the work of Frida Kahlo and Mary Cassatt.

Originally debuted at the Visions Museum in San Diego, Inspired by the Masters will be installed at the Texas Quilt Museum, in LaGrange, Texas, in February 2018, and will travel in 2019.

This catalogue includes an essay by TQM director, Dr. Sandra Sider, a statement by the artist, detailed descriptions of each of the works and full color images of all fourteen pieces.


Watch Jane's Lecture From Opening Night At The Texas Quilt Museum in La Grange, TX.

Take A Stitch For A Walk

Final Stich Booklet CVR.jpg
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Hand stitching is fun, inventive and meditative. Gift a friend or gift yourself! 

Each book includes twelve full color photographs, instructions for a variety of stitches, threads and the felt substrate you need to get started! Once stitch samples based on the photos are completed, glue them into the book in the space provided on each page. Printed on 100# card stock, this book will become a treasured reference of stitch options and explorations.

This kit includes book, four assorted needles, ten skeins of DMC best quality embroidery floss & twelve fabric/felt squares ready for embroidery– designed to be inserted into the book upon completion.


Creative Strength Training: 

Prompts, Exercises and Personal Stories for Encouraging Artistic Genius

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CST Bundle: Book and Prompt Cards
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Discover a Deeper Connection to Your Artist Self!

Artists and athletes alike benefit from strength training. Building creative stamina takes encouragement, mentoring, and regular practice. In Creative Strength Training, you'll discover powerful strategies that combine writing and hands-on art-making to overcome creative stumbling blocks, develop a unique voice and make creating art a regular habit.

Interested in joining a CST Class Online? 

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Creative Strength Training: Prompt Cards

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Each deck contains 34 Prompt Cards 3.5” x 5.5” and an instruction card - including a link to access the supply list and other tips on getting started.

Cards are full-color and printed on a coated, glossy card stock. Shrink wrapped, and packaged in a clear plastic box to protect the cards for years of inspiration!

Art Cloth: A Guide To Surface Design for Fabric 

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Art Cloth picks up where Complex Cloth left off, showing how to layer processes with the latest products to create stunning cloth for use in a variety of fiber art. Art Cloth updates all the techniques discussed in Complex Cloth plus adds valuable new information from Jane’s years of teaching and continuing work as an artist.

In addition to detailed step-by-step wet media surface design techniques, she demonstrates how the use of color and design contribute to successful layering. She guides and inspires artists to take their art cloth to the next level through sidebars with design tips and exercises that support the technical information. In addition, each technique chapter concludes with project ideas for the skills learned, so anyone working through the book can literally build layers on cloth as each chapter is completed.

Finding Your Own Visual Language

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A superb design handbook for the student and the established artist. It accompanies the artist from the beginnings of an idea through to its completion and offers inspiration, exercises and insight. A practical and useful guide covering all elements of design and composition. A transatlantic collaboration between Jane Dunnewold, Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan, this books aims to help those who are seeking a surer artistic voice by providing practical exercises and guidance on different ways forward. Both an inspirational and how to book, it is a guide to accompany artists on their journey. Each exercise is clear, written in plain English and well illustrated with photographs and examples. The authors write it in a user-friendly way that encourages beginners to get started and helps more experienced artists on their way.

Paper And Metal Leaf Lamination

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Laminating paper or metal leafing to fabric is easy to do and offers a host of creative possibilities to anyone interested in building a complex, layered surface on cloth. The process provides the opportunity to combine graphics, photographic images, art papers and metal leaf with cloth, resulting in pieces that are highly individual. This user-friendly, inspirational and 'how to' book contains clear step-by-step instructions on several different approaches to the process. It also provides suggestions for methods of building on the technique, ideas on how to use the resulting cloth, suppliers and so forth -- all accompanied by over 100 clear, instructional photographs.

The included DVD provides a valuable accompaniment to the book and will enable you to watch a live 25 minute demonstration of the key process. The demonstration was filmed in the Virtual Studio at the Festival of Quilts, and it's just like being with Claire at a workshop. Having seen the process take place, you can then use the book with its accompanying photographs to explore the process yourself.


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Vibrant Color: Combining Soy Wax and Dyes for Brilliant Results 

Vibrant Color: Combining Soy Wax and Dyes for Brilliant Results is a stunning guide to the use of soy wax with fiber reactive MX dyes on cloth. The authors provide detailed instructions for printing with hot colored wax, and recipes for soy wax dye crayons and versatile soy wax dye paste. These revolutionary combinations will expand any surface designer’s tool box. Also included are troubleshooting guides for each process, tips for adding dye color to fabric after waxing is completed, and instructions for building an inexpensive steamer at home.

32 pages, saddle-stitched, book

Digital Video

Improvisational Screen Printing:


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A visual guide to surface finishes for silkscreens, including flour paste, wax, Aquarelle crayon, spray paint and six others. Funny outtakes round out the program!