Specialty Items

Original Art Cloth Fabrics

Gorgeous, one-of-a-kind fabrics representing a wealth of surface design processes, including dyeing, discharging, printing, metal leafing, devore' and paper lamination. Assorted sizes.

At least eight cloth pieces per set.

Perfect for gifting, use in collage or quilts - or the start of a fabulous collection!

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Soy Wax Dye Crayon Mix

This proprietary blend is especially formulated for crayon making. One pound of wax makes approximately 24 crayons. Add your own MX fiber reactive dyes to make a sturdy crayon that can be used for rubbings, drawing and writing.  Available in one pound packages with full color directions. Steaming is required to set the dye, and an easy-to-follow diagram for an inexpensive home steamer is included with the instructions.


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Custom & Gift Screens

Custom Screens
from 10.00

Email your black and white design to info@janedunnewold.com after purchase. We will consult, if necessary (suggest any changes that would lead to a better, more clear image) and mail you your thermofax!

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Looking For A Special Gift?  

Consider buying a personalized Thermofax gift package.

Here’s how it works:

  • Pay for a screen in advance.
  • We send you a gift announcement and instructions for creating artwork.
  • Your recipient gets to make his or her own design (think about the fun that six year old grandson will have!) and sends it to us.  
  • We turn that terrific design into a thermofax screen, send it back to your budding artist, and the circle is complete.

Think T-shirts, family events, line drawings that can turn into framed pictures. Fun, easy, affordable and distinctive. Create a memory, and ignite the creative spark in someone you love!

*All gift packages include shipping and handling.

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